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Underground Equipment

TCR-60-230 & TCRI-60-230     

Trench corner roller guide and inverted roller guide

Hearthill's TCR-60-230  is manufactured with mild steel components to ensure a long lasting durability  for heavy cable hauling.  Complete with pressed bearings in 1 x horizontal and 2 x vertical rollers...more

TCR78-300     Heavy duty 2.5 Tonne  trench roller guide

Heavy duty corner roller complete with sealed bearings within the ø76mm roller.  The supporting frame features laser cut holes for bolting down and a handle for mobility...more


Trench roller guide for use with cables entering trenches of manholes and pits with gradual descent...more



TRGM100-2   Twin roller guide for manholes            

Twin roller cable guide to eliminate cable abrasions during hauling with minor incline/declines...more



TRGM100-3   Triple roller guide for manholes

This triple roller cable guide should be used when there is a sharp bend.  The 3 x ALR-150 will dramatically reduce the dragging friction when hauling cables up to 145mm in diametre...more 


TRGM-140-4A90    Trench manhole roller guide 90° 

Heavy duty trench or manhole roller guide.  Complete with adjustable 4 x ALR-140 this unit can also be set on its side for corner cable pulls...more


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