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Underground Equipment

FGR-140/FGRA-140/FGRA-205    Flat Ground Roller 

Small and cost effective unit to use in flat conditions. The frame features three holes either side for mounting onto many applications such as walls and even on to cable trays...more

FS-XXX   Lockable feeding sheave 

Lockable feeding sheave with either ALR-140 or ALR-115 to aid the entrance and exiting of cables through conduits. Insert the sleeve into the conduit, tighten the locking bolt for a firm clamp and the cable is ready to pull...more


FSXXX-4R     Lockable multiple roller guide

The quad roller is a multi directional roller guide.  Lockable by a tension bolt this sheave has the added benefit of a hinged top roller for removal of cable and roller guide from conduit...more 





Lockable angled guiding rollers for manholes are set at 90° with a radius of 450mm. Suitable for directional changes within a manhole. The support frame rests against the wall offering added strength should the pull require it...more


IFS-XXX   In line feeding sheave

To be placed inside the conduit, using the "bell mouth" to aid the entering and exit of cables. Chrome zinc plated finish. For conduits below 80mm please specify whether it is to service a telecommunication or electrical conduit...more

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