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Underground Equipment

CRC-XXX   Conduit rubber cleaner 

The Conduit rubber cleaner is manufactured with 4 x rubber squeegees and a pulling eye at each end for hauling. Large debris should be removed first with WBC-XXX then with CRC-XXX to removed finer sediment like gravel and mud etc...more                  


CS-XXX   Conduit slipper guide 

Cable slippers are the lead in cable guides of choice. They are robust and economical. Chrome zinc plated finish. For conduits below 80mm please specify whether it is to service a telecommunication or electrical conduit...more


CLS-XXX   Lockable conduit slipper

Protecting cables from corner abrasions these lockable conduit slippers are manufactured from mild steel, to suit all sizes of conduit. Chrome zinc plated finish...more

DPM-063T   Duct proving mandrel 

Proving mandrels are used to test the circular integrity of a conduit after back filling.Made from high density polyethylene for long durability and inherent lubricity. Each DPM is assembled with galvanised wire rope and aluminium ferrules to create an eye at each end for fixing of rope for hauling...


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