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about_us1  Hearthill is an Australian company with a long history in the manufacturing of cable laying equipment. We design and manufacture quality equipment and accessories for the infrastructure  and construction sector.

  We are able to manufacture an extensive range of products from materials including aluminium, fibreglass, plastic, brass and steel.  We stock a large range of cable laying products, providing the market with the right equipment to economically and safely install or service cables.
  Whether it be for 28mm telecoms conduit or 35 tonne A-frames we do our best to cover the Australasian market through a broad network of distributors.
  Hearthill boasts a technical design department and a fully operational workshop including tig and mig welding, fitting, turning, bending, pressing, and even plasma cutting. We are driven by our customerís needs, and pride ourselves the ability to create and develop new products and new methodologies.  

  Hearthill is totally committed to providing quality customer service .  Our mission is to provide our customers with a one stop shop.  Not just a shop with the largest range of cable laying products in Australia, but a shop for training, development and advice as well.  

  You may be in the field of Communications, Power, Railway, Shipping, Drilling, Defense, Mining, Gas, Oil, Data, Water, Sewerage, Drainage, Irrigation, or any number of other areas.  Do you want to buy any one of our standard products, many of which are certified by NATA. Or would you like a change made to one?  Hearthill
will manufacture to suit your requirements.


                      It's this small service that makes all the difference!


Hearthill has a standard range of tools and products for the following categories

  Laying of cables in conduit and trenches 

  • Stringing of cables onto towers or poles
  • Laying of submarine cables
  • Laying of plastic ducts during horizontal boring operations
  • Cleaning and proofing of conduits
  • Roding and fishing of conduits
  • Drum handling equipment,
  • Blowing of draw lines into ducts and pipes
  • Placement of cables into mine shafts and tunnels
  • Specialised items such as nylon centering pads for oil pipes
  • and, many miscellaneous tools and items

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