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Aerial Equipment


Designed to be mounted internally for cable hauling around corners. Assembled complete with internal bearings...more




MPPP-700     Multi purpose pole platform

This unit comes in two parts, one to secure onto the power pole as stage one and the standing unit to complete the set up...more



PER-01     Parrallel earth roller guide

This Parallel Earthing roller guide doubles as use for both hooking onto catenary wires and a stake for earthing. Assembled with a single PR-40 this unit can also be used as guide rollers for cables up to 35mm in diametre. Chrome zinc plated mild steel.





SCR-01     Stringing contact roller with single wheel

SCR-02     Stringing contact roller with double wheel

Made from steel for durability to withstand wear from aluminium catenary wire. Chrome zinc plated finish.





TRCG-140     Triple Roller Cable Guide 

This aerial unit consists of two aluminium side plates which is assembled together with three ALR-140 sheaves, also aluminium. To suit up to a maximum ø150mm cable, the middle roller is adjustable for a radius ranging from 860-2500mm...more


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