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Aerial Equipment



CTR500-15R     Cable tray roller guide

Assembled complete with 15 steel tubular rollers with internal bearings. This unit will dramatically reduce the drag and friction when pulling cables around a corner.  Bending radius is set to 500mm and sweeps around to 90°...more





Simple and effective cable tray rollers that will suit both cable trays and cable ladders with rungs up to 600mm apart...more



CTR-50     Universal cable tray roller

This universal and versatile cable roller guide can be secured to many differing types and makes of cable ladders and trays.  Adaptor arms are included  for fixing as shown...more



CTR-60C-5R     Cable tray roller

This roller unit will suit both cable tray and cable ladder  types.  It is assembled with a total of five tubular rollers with internal bearings...more


Cable Tray Roller with 165mm² window for cable placement...more

CTR-360     Box type cable tray roller

This simple box type cable tray and ladder roller features a 110 x 45mm cross section with lead in flaps to aid with the entering and existing of cables...more

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