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Rodding Equipment

ME     Male end fitting for 5, 7, 9 or 11mm rod

ME 05/07/09/11, fitting for 5/7/9/11mm rod

PHR-22C       Polycarbonate hand rod crank handle

The PHR-22C is the crank handle to ensure the rods stay together whilst thrusting and pulling the rods up to the conduit.

PHR-22F / PHR-22M      Female/Male fittings for 22mm  
                                           polycarbonate hand rods

The PHR-22M and PHR-22F are replacement fittings for the polycarbonate rods.


PHR-22FL / PHR-22ML      Polycarbonate hand rod                                                                replacement bullet leader
PHR-22L are female/male removable eyes for the ends of the poly hand rods. 

PHR-22GH     Grappling hook and loop set for 22mm 
                        hands rods

These grapping hooks fit the larger sizes of fibre rod and the PC hand rods. They are used when your conduit run is too long to rod from one end. Push from both ends and grab in the middle.

PHR-223M     Polycarbonate hand rods 3 mtrre                                 with 22mm M&F fittings

These 22mm polycarbonate rods 3metres long with brass fittings are adaptable with Telstra type rods. The new polycarbonate provides the rigidity required for long placements and the molecular flexibility to avoid splintering when squashed or kinked.

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