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Drum Handling Equipment       

DJS-58T     Drum jack stand set

The DJS-58T shown here is the complete set of Hearthillís manually operated and transportable drum stand. This unit is fitted with two Japanese hydraulic jacks giving the top roller...more


DL-150       Drum Lever 

Cable drum frame utilising leverage concept to lift a drum of up to ø1500mm x 1000mm wide off the ground for operation...more    

Click here for Drum Lever DL-150 User Guide Booklet



DRR-1000     Drum roller ramp 

Used in an industrial situation for rolling drums up to 1.5mt dia. Weighing up to 1 tonne. The only ramps on the market with a safety bar to ensure the drum can't roll backwards...more

Click here for Drum Roller Ramp DRR-1000 Drawing


DSC     Drum spindle collar

DSC-060  Drum spindle collar to suit 60 mm spindle. 

DSC-066  Drum spindle collar to suit 66 mm spindle.

DSC-070  Drum spindle collar to suit 72 mm spindle. 

DSC-090  Drum spindle collar to suit 90 mm spindle...more

DSF-2016-6T / DSF-2420-12T    Cable drum A-frame stand 

Hearthill also offers a range of Certified A-frame type drum stands.  All sets are complete with drum spindle, cones and collars and are flat packed ready for assembly.  Should fixing be required base plates are in place for M12 dynabolts.  Provisions for disk brakes are also included...more

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